Wednesday, August 20, 2008

KoKo Love

Meet our Koko Love.

Koko loves her name, she uses it in most of her sentences. Koko want some, Koko is a pretty bird, Koko UP, etc. She also adds the word "Love" to her name about 95% of the time. Koko Love want love, Koko Love want some, Koko love wanna go out...

Koko is a little love sponge and can't seem to get enough attention after being so neglected for so long. She allows me to have her step up and sometimes she deems me privileged enough to be able to give her some head scratches but when my husband walks into the living room, she will go into the baby bird begging posture and flutter her wings, whistle, sing, bark, meow and say UP until he comes over and gets her. He can give her head scratches, back rubs, kisses and little hugs. Koko thinks the sun rises and sets on my husband.

We have only had Koko for about three and half weeks now and she comes up with things that are always surprising us and making us smile. About the third day she was here, she let out this big heavy sigh sound with an Ahhhhhhh at the end of it like she was just totally exhausted or bored to tears! That same evening when I was holding her she began to make loud yawning sounds and then when on my husband's shoulder, she made the yawning noise again and then said "Koko Love Sleepy". So we put her to bed.

My husband is disabled and has been bed-ridden for the most part for the last 4 years. Bringing Koko into our home has forced him to come out and see her at least once a day and usually twice. You see, we also have a gorgeous Grey named Nick that is totally bonded to me and has bitten my husband on more then a few occasions. While my husband wanted very much to be friends with Nick, for the most part Nick will have nothing to with him unless I am gone and he wants to go to his tree (We have a large manzinita tree we built about 18 years ago in our living room.) or back to his cage from the tree. Then he will allow my husband to come get him and let Nick ride on his arm back to where ever it is he wanted to go. That's it! No head scratches! LOL So, when Koko came to live with us my husband was in shock that a parrot wanted his attention and affection. Tracy Conant Owner of Pampered Avian Rescue was so right about us being the perfect home for Koko!

When Tracy emailed me and said that she thought we should talk about how to get Koko to me I about fell off my chair! We had never discussed us getting Koko since they did not normally ship parrots. However, when Tracy and I had started talking about her work in Parrot Service animals and my husband's disabilities she began to pray about whether Koko should come live with us or was there a better home for her yet to come. Tracy told me that when she prayed about it that she had a peace and joy wash over her and she KNEW we Koko's forever home!

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