Saturday, August 16, 2008

Watch Parrots to Help Parrots, in Five Easy Steps

Watching Wild Parrots at YouTube Makes a Difference

Recently, the World Parrot Trust started a channel on YouTube as a way of making some of their video content available to a worldwide audience. It has been well received by the YouTube community - there has been over 30,000 views to date!

The great thing about YouTube is that anyone can have fun watching parrots, and by doing so help raise awareness for our organization. So pay us a visit, and while you're there please also take a minute to make your visit really count. Here's how to do it:

Sign up to YouTube
Just go to YouTube and click on "Sign Up" at the top of the page, it only takes a few seconds. You don't even need to use your real name.

Visit our page at YouTube:Parrotsdotorg
Once you're registered and logged in, then you can start viewing videos at the above URL. Click on any of the 55 videos of parrots of all shapes and colours!

Make Your Viewing Count
While you're logged in watching a video you can rate what you're watching by clicking on the red stars. You can also make comments, ask questions, or click on the "favorite" tab to add that video to your list of favorites. Most importantly, when you take these actions, you help the Trust by making us and our videos more prominent on YouTube and the web in general.

Share Your Favourite Videos
If you get really serious, you can add our videos to your own playlist, and then you can share your enthusiasm for a given video by clicking on MySpace, Facebook, Digg and other buttons, sending it out to the world.

Tell your friends and the WPT what you think
Sending a message to your friends means a lot and will really help drive lots of enthusiasm for our work's that simple. And we'd love to hear from you, your comments on our videos and the channel at YouTube. We hope to put up a lot more new and different parrot related material here, so send us your suggestions. Contact World Parrot Trust

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