Friday, September 5, 2008

KoKo Update

Just a quick little update on Koko Love.

KoKo was once very loved and possibly lived with a sick and elderly person. She has the worst sounding cough imitation I have ever heard and does a lot of loud sighing and moaning.

She continues to be a sweet girl for me but is madly in love with my husband. I had to be gone for a couple of days last weekend and left Koko, Nick and my husband to fend for themselves. When I got home, Koko had plucked all the feathers AND down except those on her wings and tail, she has a bare chest and back now, poor thing. I had assumed she would be happy in my husband's care since she is so crazy about him but with him being disabled, he was only able to come out and feed her three times a day and spend a few minutes with her out on his shoulder or chest while he sat on the couch. I am in the same room with her every day and all day and she and Nick and I just hang out together a lot. She obviously missed me in that respect and even with Nick's company across the room from her and the radio on, she felt abandoned by me and maybe neglected. I feel so bad for her, it was just too soon for me to be leaving her alone over night yet...

She eats well and plays with some toys. She adored the toy that Tracy made for and flew down here to California with in her carrier. She has totally destroyed and pulled everything off the ring now and seems to miss it. Hopefully Tracy will be feeling well enough again soon to make us some more!

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