Sunday, March 29, 2009

Should I Add Another Bird To My Flock?

photo of Koko & Ed

Recently I was left a comment under and article I have posted here by good freind and African Grey expert, Maggie Wright; asking about whether this man should help a 10 year old female, African Grey by taking her home to live with him, his wife and a 1 year old African Grey.

Evidently, the owner of the 10 year old Grey now has children that "take all her time" so she is not able to spend any time with parrot anymore. The Grey is now plucking and the owner looking to place her in a new home.

The Gentleman that is interested in this 10 year old Grey tells me that his wife is already complaining that their own Grey takes all of his time and asks if he would just be asking for trouble to bring this other Grey into his home.

Here was my reply to him:

If you do as Maggie suggests in this article, then there should be no problems. My two Greys have their own cages and are across the room from each other. They are let out of their cages on to the play tree or to be out with either my husband or I at separate times until we get another Tree built. Fortunately, my husband spends his time with Koko and I spend my time with Nick so they both get to be alone with the person they love the most and they don't have to share us with each other very often at all.

If your wife resents your current Grey then it may not be a great idea to bring in this poor girl that is going to be stressed enough going into a new home after living with this family for 10 years already.

IF your wife wants to help out and is willing to spend some quality time with either your baby Grey or the new Grey then I say "sure", go for it. Everyone in the household should be in agreement and commited to love and care for this other Grey in need.

Greys (or parrots of any kind) demand and deserve as much time out of the cage and with YOU then many people feel they have time for.

It may better to help this lady re-home her bird by having her locate and contact a bird sancturay or rescue organization near by. If she needs help, please have her contact me and I can put her in touch with a network to help find this Grey a perfect home.

There are many parrots out there at the moment with a need for a knowledgable and loving home due to thier current owners losing jobs and or homes. The sanctuaries are over-flowing. However, they need to be alerted to these birds in need and may be able to find them a wonderful forever home if they know the bird exists out there and is in need.

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Eileen Wilson said...

You make parrot adoption sound so easy. We wanted a Macaw and or a Grey that needed us. We would have loved a old bird because we are 60 years old. We wanted a bird that had problems. Did not happen because everyone and every place said NO you have 2 cats. Why yes we do. And the experience to go with this situation. We have Skittles, our Sun Conure AND cats with NO problem at all and Skittles is full flighted and comes out of his cage twice day to fly in our Flight room where we are watching TV or reading a book and he loves it.

Sadly for two birds that needed a home somewhere, we ended up buying a baby Malibu Sunset Quad Macaw and a Red Fronted Macaw.

Adoption agencies need to be more realistic getting homes for big birds and their needs. Having a cat need not be the cause of no adoption.