Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Important Warning

Hi All,

This is a very important email/message I got recently, originally from Sue Bendheim, adoption coordinator at Lily Sanctuary Please be careful with your birds and chemicals, air freshners, scented candles, purfume, etc. You may also want to read our post on air freshners and their dangers to our parrots.

I just got off the phone with my friend Donna at Birdstuff, and she wanted me to help alert all parrot people I know of yet another preventable pet parrot loss one of her favorite clients just experienced. Her friend had put out her beautiful, fragrant holiday candles on display to enjoy for the first time last night and hours later her son's baby cockatiel died. Then this morning her 7 month old caique passed away at the vet.

The candles were Glade brand, and another mass produced, 3 wicked one with wire in the wicks. The wire is made of lead. On examination, the vet said they died as a direct result of the candle fumes. Everything about them was healthy and normal, but the errosive damage the pleasant candle fumes do to the birds lung tissue caused them to literally drown in their own fluids. It's a horrible, completely preventable way to die and Donna wants us all to be advocates for our helpless birdies. We need to protect them so please spread this around to all parrot people you know, OK?

Just another reminder this and anytime of year to put all non-stick cookware, fabric protectors, new carpet, air fresheners, plug ins, potpourri, cooking bags, spray disinfectants, self cleaning ovens, coffee makers, curling irons....on the list of hazards for our parrots along with these fragrant, and lead wicked, and non fragrant candles. Who knows where they were made and what exactly is in them! One of my favorite links on some hazards to our birds is at

Please share with me any other links you use and have a safe holiday.

Sue Bendheim
Lily Sanctuary Adoption Coordinator

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