Thursday, November 13, 2008

Illinois Community Raising Money To Help Parrots

Illinois Community Raising Money To Help Parrots
Concerned citizens work together to help two free-flying macaws
By Angela Pham Bird
Posted: November 12, 2008, 3:00 a.m. EDT

When Del Nejmanowski drove his truck down the rural roads of Carlinville, Illinois, he wasn't alone.

During his scenic drives, two brilliant blue-and-gold macaws would fly majestically above his pickup, devotedly following their owner and providing a splendid show for the neighbors who witnessed the drive

They were free-flying birds, escaping cold Illinois winters in an exterior shelter that Nejmanowski built for them and the other six birds he used to keep. His beloved flock was down to two when he died August 27, 2008, and today they still fly free around the neighborhood where Nejmanowski's house and lean-to shelter once stood. They rarely fly far from their old home where their caretaker used to dwell.

But the plummeting temperatures and icy conditions of winter are threatening the birds, which are best suited to tropical climates. Concern among Nejmanowski's family members and neighbors is growing. They all know that if the notorious animal-lover Nejmanowski were still here, he would want his parrots to be safe, warm and loved, just as he ensured they were when they were in his care.

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