Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Koko Update

Koko is so different from Nick, both large Congo African Greys, Nick being 13 years old and Koko about 8 years old. Koko was DNA tested to be a hen (female) we just guess that Nick is male due to his size and behavior.

Nick has been getting organic baby food from a spoon as a special "nite nite" treat once a week or so for his entire life with me. He always digs his beak in and grabs a huge mouthful like there will be no more. Koko is so dainty and feminine in her little tastes. It take her forever to fill her crop where Nick is full and bulging in seconds!

Nick has always been a quiet and easy going kind of guy. Koko is all about Koko! lol As mentioned in an earlier post, Koko uses her name in every sentence she speaks. She craves attention and has been known to throw temper tantrums when she does not get what she wants...

She will throw her special treat cup around the bottom of her cage and finally out the door and on the floor. She will crawl on top of her cage while leaning way forward and flap her wings. I believe she was once fully flighted as she has tried to jump off her cage and our large "Tree" in the living room; only to Thud and skid across the floor. She will then shake herself off and proceed to march over to where ever you and demand: "Koko UP" or "Koko go Love" as she loweres her head for special skritches.

I see a few pin feathers here and there and a few on the upper part of her wings are going to be red. She will be gorgeous for sure!

Koko loves to play and forage around on the bottom of her cage. She enjoys watching the dogs play and is not phases in the least if one or two of the dogs come and say "hi" with their little wet noses either. Just last night she was on my chest while I was in the recliner trying to read. I also had two Bostons curled up one at my side and one between my legs. Everyone was very content and not concerned about the other.

Nick will hang out with the dogs but is always watching them and is somewhat "jumpy" around them, never really trusting them. Nick is content to play and whistle and forage in his cage or sit on his tree all day long never asking for attention but always ready to lower his head and get skritches or scratchies when I do approach him and ask him if he would like some.

Anyway, just wanted to share what is new with our new special Congo girl...

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