Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Miss Koko Love

Introducing Koko...

Koko came into our lives on August 2nd, 2008. She is believed to be about 8 years old and was surrendered to Pampered Parrots Avain Rescue in Airway Heights, Washington.

Koko had been living with owners and co-directors of Pampered Parrots Avian Rescue - Tracy and Bret Conant for about two months. Before being surrendered to Pampered Parrots, Koko had been neglected and left in her cage without much attention or time out to play and explore. That kind of life is like rotting in prison for Grey so Koko proceeded to pluck her self.

Tracy and Brent spent a lot of time with her, especially Brent as even though Koko loves everyone, she ADORES men! What looks like red lipstick on Koko in her picture is strawberries. She had just eaten garden fresh strawberries shortly before she decided to share them with Bret; whom she was madly in love with.

We were not looking for a parrot to join our family of one large Congo African Grey male named Nick, 5 Boston Terriers, a barn cat and several Japanese Koi and a few gold fish. It was all God's idea. One morning as I was feeding and talking to Nick I had said how we really could care for and love one more bird. I had no intention of looking at baby parrots, we had lived and gone that route in the past as well as adopting and taming a few wild caught parrots in our days gone by. It would have to be a special bird, one that NEEDED us and the love, attention and good care we had to offer. Then I was distracted by life and work and did not even think that thought again. About two or three days later, I got an email from my dear friend, Maggie Wright she was circulating about a CAG in Utah that had been in rescue, cage bound for two years. Usually I just re-circulate and cross post these emails to my other bird crazy friends but this time, something struck me. Was I to be Tipper's new home? I felt like God was whispering to me and I needed to find out more and put in an application for Tipper.

I then learned that Phoebe Linden, Gay Bradshaw, Kathy White and a few others were all working together to find Tipper a new, forever home. I emailed my application to Lisa, owner of Utah Critter Sanctuary and then called her on the phone to talk about Tipper. Lisa was very hesitant to let Tipper go to anyone out of Utah so it was not meant to be that he come live us.

Meanwhile, I had been corresponding with Tracy Conant at Pampered Parrots. I had seen the picture of Koko on Petfinders but Tracy had told me earlier that they did not ship birds. I had stayed in touch with Tracy about her work in being a parrot service animal advocate and we corresponded back and forth for a week or two. I had shared with her about my husband being disabled and pretty much bed-ridden. He loves the animals living with us but has always been disappointed that Nick would not let him pet him. We talked about the nature of parrots and how she had a service parrot of her own and how she had help place a few and told me of the fantastic ways these birds kept people from anxiety attacks or PTSS flash-backs. One day she emailed me and out of the blue said, "I think we need to talk on the phone about how to get Koko to you" I was in a state of shock. We had never discussed Koko coming to live with us... She then told me that she had been praying about it and believed that not only would Koko benefit by living with us but that my husband would benefit from having her in his life since she was such a flirt and sweetheart with men.

So, Koko came to us a little over a week ago and I will keep you updated on how she adjusts and how our lives are effected by her sweet presence.

Check back soon....

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